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MOM's Wisdom: Workings of Inner Medicine Education

MOM focuses on educating the person to care, nurture, and nourish themselves into good health. We strive to preserve MOM's inner medicine healing education and the cultivation of individual awareness. Through MOM's practice, we ensure that all of our consultation services are rooted in MOM's philosophy of prevention and not the prescriptive-oriented approach common in today's health care education and practice.

  MOM's founder and coordinators - adept in holistic health care education - make frequent visits to MOM's mission sites to conduct instructorship training programs for community volunteer, and to counsel with community members. MOM seizes the opportunities presented by these inspirational visits to progress its work deeper into the community and to attract the attention of greater numbers of participants to MOM's education.

  While at MOM's sites, MOM's coordinators consult with hundreds of
patients in each one of their visits. During these visits, MOM's instructors
coordinate the presentation of multiple holistic health workshops all of which are presented on site. 

  In this way, each health challenged person is personally seen by a health practitioner. After wards, guided by MOM's instructors, patients and family are directed to attend specific workshops for their needs.